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Welcome to The Wandering Professional

Welcome to The Wandering Professional. I have been working on this idea for several years now and finally happy to launch it. The idea of The Wandering Professional came about because whether I am traveling locally, nationally or internationally, I tend to do a lot of planning for the trips and adventures I was going on. Those I traveled with ended up relying on me to have a lot of it planned out and researched before we went. Due to this constant travel and research I seemed to have built up this knowledge of areas and things to do in the many places I have been. Before I knew it, people were consistently asking me about what to do, where to go, what I thought about this or that place when they decided to visit a place I have been before.

After doing this often, it was a pain in the butt to try and fit everything in a text message or scroll through my many pictures to find the time when I went to this place or did that to show visuals. I then remembered doing a blog while I was studying abroad my junior year of college. I enjoyed writing down what I was experiencing, showing off places and things I was doing while studying in England. Then an idea came to start something similar, a website offering up the knowledge and information about my regular travel and adventures. A place that my friends, and any one else in the same predicament, could use to help with their visit or adventure they are going on. Hoping that the posts I write will take the ease away from researching and planning everything on their own. Because lets be honest, we love reading opinions on places to help us gauge whether it is worth going. I know we all like to check those ratings on Yelp and Google Reviews.

I also wanted to start this because as much as I love following all my fellow "professional travelers" on Instagram and Youtube, I felt like there was a bit of a disconnect. I felt like a lot of what they would show and talk about did not seem realistic for an everyday person, a working professional that only gets a few weeks of vacation a year. I do not know many of my working friends that could just take three weeks to go to the Philippines, as one of these "professional travelers" suggested. In reality, that would use up pretty much all of my vacation time in a year. I also feel like a lot of these people are not really "traveling", they are just looking for the next photo they can post on Instagram. If I am traveling I do not want to waste what little time I have just getting a photo. I want to see the culture of the location, taste the amazing food, try an adventure that gets the adrenaline going.

I would like to show what traveling is to me, its about the culture, food, drinks, fun, and the list goes on. And I would like to show that even as a fellow 9-5 professional you can still travel and take on adventures. Even if it is in your own backyard because I know a lot of people have barely explored their own surrounding home. In doing this I hope to show you all what I have been able to come across during my time being a Wandering Professional, exploring my own backyard to distant lands.

Now, I am no professionally photographer, video-grapher, writer, editor. This site is meant to be fun, and for fun, and a way to document as much as I can for you guys. So forgive me for any inaccuracies, I am simply an engineer at the end of the day. I hope that you find this website entertaining, hopefully informative, at times maybe funny and take from my posts what you find most relevant to you, as I know everyone is different and prefers different aspects of traveling. Meanwhile, feel free to follow on social media and subscribe here to see my daily adventures or latest postings.

Welcome to the Wandering Professional, enjoy the adventure!

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